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A Pioneer Chemical Standards Procurement Partner

Quality Guaranteed

Briti Scientific offers services to customers from all chemical sectors with a promise of quality and consistency.

Reasonable Price

We are here to bring value with new items, great pricing, and service in a way that our competitors aren't able to match.


Our on-time delivery (OTD) keeps the customer happy by meeting his promised commitments. Briti Scientific also provides a custom synthesis that is tailored to meet the customer's needs

Focus on Customer Relation

We look forward to a prosperous relationship with all our customers.
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Our Products

We are the largest manufacturer and exporter of chemical Standards

GC Reference Standards

Briti Scientific offers a broad range of GC reference standards for various chromatographic and analyticalapplications. Our GC reference standards are completely synthetic, typically pure and come with complete characterization data.

NIST Traceable Standards

Briti Scientific's complete range of NIST traceable standards are reference materials certified to specific values laid out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST).These standards are designed for instrument calibration and quality assurance protocols to eliminate measurement uncertainties.

ICP/AAS Standards

Briti Scientific's ICP (Traceable to NIST) and AAS reference standards are ready-to-use solutions that are produced according to stringent quality control procedures to ensure highest precision.

Our Prestigious Clients

We're rapidly moving forward promising you a quality and reliable product. We're serving brands and businesses across Industries with promising quality products.

What People Say?

How our client reacts and says about our products and services.