Peak tube, Size – 1/16’’, Bore – 0.13 mm.

Product Code: BS10306


LOT No.: NA.

Details About Peak tube, Size – 1/16’’, Bore – 0.13 mm.

Zeus manufactures the highest-quality tubing to meet the strictest demands of our customers’ markets including the Aerospace and Automotive industries. From our line of uniform extruded tubing with inner diameters ranging all the way down to an astonishing 0.001" and wall thickness of 0.002", Zeus can supply the ideal product for your application. Column end plugs are used to prevent HPLC columns from drying out when not in use. Made of hard nylon, these end stoppers are available in packs of 10 and in different colors.

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1 mtr ₹ 1400
Stock Quantity 3
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