N-Hexane, AnStan™ Reference standard.

Product Code: BS10292

CAS No.: 110-54-3

LOT No.: NA.

Chemical Name: Hexane.

Mol. Weight: 86.178 g/mol.

Mol. Formula: C6H14.

MDL Number: MFCD002179311.

Solubility: Miscible in Water.

Density: 0.6606 g/mL.

Melting Point: -96 to -94˚C.

Boling Point: 68.5 to 69.1˚C.

Autoignition Temperature: 234.0˚C.

Viscosity: 0.3mPa.s.

Purity GC/FID: Min. 99.80 %.

Residue after evaporation: Max. 0.001%w/w.

Appearance: Clear colorless liquid.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry well-ventilated location.

Validity: 3 Years.

Details About N-Hexane, AnStan™ Reference standard.

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